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Welcome to Pixel Brokerage!With over three decades of stellar experience, we specialize in acquiring and selling digital properties on behalf of our exclusive clientele.We're currently adding single-purpose SaaS and multi-purpose websites to our portfolio.

Exit on a High Note 📈

Your hobby site turned into a successful business, but now your passion has fizzled out. It happens to the best of us - so what next? 🤔Finding a new, respectful owner for your site & loyal readers can feel overwhelming, but the last thing you want is to allow the site to wither on the vine and die a slow death.It's an all-too familiar outcome, but the same unfortunate pattern happens hundreds of times each day: A long-loved site is abandoned, then deleted, and ultimately their domain is quickly overtaken by foreign, spam, adult, or even illegal content! 😱You deserve to happily exit after your many years of hard work. Your site's community deserves many more years together as well! Our extremely selective client list of highly qualified entrepreneurs will take care of your site and make sure its legacy is never tarnished. 😌

🏷️ Sell Your Site

We connect buyers to sellers of online properties making $500 to $1,500,000 profit per year. Our vigorous vetting process and large client list routinely finds perfect matches.Message us for a free, no-risk confidential evaluation consultation today.

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Our team of industry professionals has over 65 collective years experience in negotiating and handling digital property transactions. Let our dedicated staff handle every step, from outreach and negotiation to due diligence and completion of the deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the next steps towards in buying or selling a site?

If you were contacted by one of our professional brokers via email, then please reply at your earliest convenience to move forward with your exit. To verify authenticity of our outreach, please message verify@pixelbrokerage.com.If interested in selling your site, please send an inquiry to exit@pixelbrokerage.com.For all other inquires, please use our contact form below and we'll get in touch ASAP.

How will I send or receive my money safely?

We use Escrow.com for all transactions, of any size, for the protection & safety of all parties involved.

How quickly are transactions handled?

On average, after negotiations and due diligence occur, we're able to close and complete transactions within 7 business days.

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